Use directories and social networks to build your practice

Most directories and networks are free to use, so there’s little risk and only a small time commitment to place your practice and expert analysis in front of hundreds, or even thousands, of new clients and colleagues. One popular directory can be found at Another great practitioner directory is the one at our own website (to be included as a practitioner just register for an account).

In the directories, you’ll obviously want to include basic information about your practice, such as hours of operation, location and payment information. If the directory provides an option to include further details, be sure to list the modalities or therapies you offer, technologies you use and licenses you hold.

Patients will be especially interested to learn about your experience, education and certifications. They also will appreciate easy ways to contact your practice or schedule an appointment.

There are several advantages to joining social and professional online networks. Some health-related sites will allow you to share your thoughts, experiences and expertise with doctors and patients alike, while others are strictly for professionals. No matter which format you choose, consider becoming a member of these burgeoning online communities for a number of reasons:

  • Online communities provide free advertising for your practice, as knowledgeable responses to consumer inquiries will likely attract new patients
  • You’ll have the opportunity to take on a leadership role in your profession — through blog posts, discussion boards and published articles — without leaving your office
  • Discussions with practitioners and patients from around the globe could reveal insight that will help you solve some of your most troubling cases
  • You might find new employees, purchase equipment or stay up to date with professional events, such as seminars, Webinars and podcasts

They will point you directly to product information, discounts and other offers from companies that provide cutting-edge nutritional products and new technologies

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