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Probiotics are "friendly bacteria" that contribute to health in a number of ways. A healthy digestive tract should contain billions of probiotic organisms, which aid in the breakdown of difficult-to-digest components of food, as well as assist in the synthesis of vitamins and improve the absorption of essential nutrients. They stimulate immune function and help to break down possible carcinogenic and mutagenic compounds, as well as prevent overgrowth of pathogenic bacteria, parasites, yeast and fungus.

The billions of viable organisms in ProSol™ Probiotic can help restore and maintain a healthy gut balance, especially after illness or antibiotic therapy. The more than five billion organisms include three strains of lactobacillus along with bifidobacterium longum. These bacterial strains have been clinically shown to normalize colon function and implant in higher numbers than other organisms used in probiotic supplements. The combination of "friendly bacteria" in Probiotic also promotes normal peristalsis and supports regular elimination.

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