L.I.F.E System

The L.I.F.E System incorporates bioenergetic testing and biofeedback, helping practitioners identify what types of homeopathic, electro-acupuncture, meridian-based or naturopathic therapies might best support patient health. That information is fed back to the practitioner and client via numbers, charts and text in easy-to-understand formats. To gather bioenergetic information, the L.I.F.E device uses computer software and a main interface box, which is hooked to head, wrist and ankle harnesses on the patient.

The premise behind the L.I.F.E System is that the body comprises a framework of energy that flows throughout the organs and connects with the mind. A blockage in this flow, it is presumed, can be the underlying cause of poor health conditions. Creators of the L.I.F.E System claim the technology can reduce the effects of stressors — food, toxins, genetics and lifestyle, for example — that might lead to imbalances (symptoms). In addition to several other indicators of poor health, the L.I.F.E product can help practitioners identify nutritional deficiencies, allergens and the presence of heavy metals.

(SOURCE: Quantum Life LLC)

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