The Karnak bioenergy device, also called the Karnak Sensor or Karnak D.E.D., analyzes patient health without the use of electrodes or wires. Instead, patients sit about one meter from the testing instrument, and the Karnak evaluates the electromagnetic field emitted from the subject, measuring communications between the brain and organs in its assessment of energetic imbalances that could lead to health disorders. This information is disseminated through software on a personal computer.

Like other bioenergetic platforms, the Karnak can be used for preventive purposes or as an evaluation tool. Practitioners, for example, could use the Karnak to assess whether alternative therapies or modalities are improving patient health. It can also be used to test how certain products — supplemental enzymes or homeopathic remedies, for example — might aid organ health. Patients simply hold the product being tested while the Karnak measures bioresonance readings between the product and the brain.

(SOURCE: Karnak SRL, karnak2000.com)

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