The IQS™ technology works through a process called Interrogatory Biofeedback, whereby the machine taps the subconscious "intelligence" of the body for specific health information. Basically, the IQS device questions the body about its physical and mental status, and electrical signals communicate the answers. This query is made possible with an evaluation technique called electro-dermal dialog, through which electrical conductance of the skin is measured at acupuncture meridian points on the hands. Results of the assessment are presented through an easy-to-understand software program.

Like many bioenergy systems, the IQS, or Interactive Query System, identifies health conditions and assists the body in promoting natural healing. The manufacturer, i2i Inc., says the machine performs three types of queries: stress, remedy and evaluation. The device's S.A.F.E. Scan procedure, for example, helps identify the stress factors — toxins, psychological conditions, environmental sensitivities — that might be leading to specific health conditions.

In addition to the IQS, i2i Inc. has a microcomputer-based instrument, the Q-Port™, which also uses electrical skin conductance to evaluate patient health. Together, the devices can be used to assess what types of products, such as enzyme-based or nutritional supplements, might work best in providing support for various disorders.

(SOURCE: i2i Inc.)

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