A bioresonance device, the Bicom gathers electromagnetic information to analyze patient health and provide therapy. This information is fed to the machine via electrodes, and the Bicom works to counteract energy imbalances (health problems). It is intended to support regulation, promote detoxification and stimulate the immune system. A disorder, for example, is believed to disturb frequency patterns in the body, and thus, hinder normal function. To promote health, the Bicom alters those unhealthy frequencies.

The Bicom, or biological computer, features an electrodermal screening device and more than 400 preset therapeutic programs. These programs can be modified to work with specific protocols, or, the Bicom allows its users to develop new programs. Patient tissues, homeopathic remedies, herbal products or other therapeutic materials can be inserted into the Bicom's input cup and used to transmit frequencies. The Bicom also incorporates a chip — on which treatment frequencies are imprinted — to be worn by the patient.

(SOURCE: Energetic Medicine Research)

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