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We’ve taken our Fiber Digestion™ formula and made it even more effective by doubling the Cellulase and Glucoamylase.

We’ve also added Invertase and Xylanase to give your patients over 13 different enzymes for a more complete digestive product with an emphasis towards digestion of fiber-rich foods.

Stronger Formula - Same Great Price

Dietary fiber provides health benefits in a variety of areas in the body. Insoluble fiber can help with regularity, while soluble fiber is beneficial for controlling blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Unfortunately, some people avoid fiber-rich foods because of digestive difficulties such as gas and bloating.

For those with fiber intolerance, ProSol™ Fiber Digestion™ provides a broad-spectrum blend of digestive enzymes with higher levels of cellulase and fiber-digesting enzymes, which increase the assimilation of minerals and other beneficial nutrients found in fiber. High levels of alpha-Galactosidase help to address the painful gas and bloating that often accompany a diet that includes beans, vegetables and other fiber-rich foods.

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  1. Sonja Mountain, D.C.:
    Feb 22, 2015 at 08:48 PM

    This is the first enzyme product to help one of my patients digest vegetables. She has tried dozens of products before this. Great formulation.

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