4 tips to help you enjoy your favorite foods — and survive the aftermath

Develop healthy eating habits by timing your portions, staying hydrated, chew food thoroughly and taking digestive enzymes. ...


Lactose intolerance isn’t always to blame

Researchers discover that gas and stomach cramping associated with dairy products aren't always caused by lactose malabsorption. ...


Increase practice income and earn new patients

Free white paper discussing marketing techniques for how health care practitioners. ...


Why should I take digestive enzyme supplements?

Digestive enzyme supplements are important in modern diets high in cooked and processed foods. ...


Joint Care Plus: A clinically proven approach to relieve joint and connective tissue inflammation and pain.

Clinically proven ingredient in Joint Care Plus relieves joint and connective tissue pain and reduces inflammation. ...

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February is heart health month

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the United States with roughly 600,000 deaths each year.1 It is not just one disease but can be many different types of heart and blood vessel problems. Many cardiovascular diseases are caused by atherosclerosis, hardening ...
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