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Enzyme therapy has come a long way since 1932. Thousands of individuals have used our enzyme blends, some combined with herbs and other nutrients, to enhance digestion and assist with a wide variety of health concerns including:

Digestive complaints
Soft-tissue inflammation
Weakened immunity

In the process of using these highly effective products to treat their patients, practitioners have realized the financial benefits of adding enzyme therapy to their practices.

Enzymes, Inc. currently has five professional lines of enzyme-based products. We're confident you'll find the right product or combination of products to meet the needs of your patients.

More and more practitioners are learning about the health and financial benefits of enzyme therapy. Please call us today and let us show you how Enzymes Work! For Better Patient health and Greater Practice Wealth.

To your health and the health of your patients.
Lynn Greaves

Company History

In the early 1980's, advancements in enzyme technology resulted in a line of professional-strength enzyme supplements, known as NESS (Nutritional Enzyme Support System). This product line, launched in 1985, furthered Dr. Howell's therapeutic use of enzymes and was the first time, Enzymes, Inc. was formed to be the exclusive distributor of NESS and other brands of enzyme-based supplements manufactured by NEC.

With 10 years of experience in the alternative health care industry, Lynn Greaves joined Enzymes, Inc. in 1985 and rose rapidly to the position of Vice President, contributing greatly to its growth and success. She and only one other, the owner of NEC, had the distinct privilege of working with Dr. Howell during the 1980s.

Growth to meet the needs of patients and practitioners
During the past two decades, new enzyme technology and clinical research have enabled Enzymes, Inc. to offer over 125 different enzyme products in 6 different product lines.

A new era of enzyme therapy
In 2000, Lynn Greaves and her husband, Jim, purchased Enzymes, Inc. and their strong belief in the health benefits from enzyme supplementation remains the primary focus of the company. Enzymes, Inc. continues to grow thanks to its products' proven effectiveness, quality customer service, proficient technical support and an overall desire to help practitioners make Enzymes Work for Better Patient Health and Greater Practice Wealth.

Mission Statement

Quality Statement
We are individually committed to promote and conduct business in a dynamic team environment that develops and supports quality internal processes to improve products and services for our customers.

Lynn S. Greaves
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